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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 10, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and have speeds capable of up to 50 miles an hour. the question tonight is, could that be one of the reasons why the boat broke apart? it was a practice trial in the waters inside the triangle of alcatraz, angel and treasure islands. suddenly the yacht capsized and artemis team strategist andrew "bart" simpson was killed. regatta director choked back tears as he remembered a friend. >> andrew was a very good friend. it's hard to believe he's gone. >> reporter: what they know so far, the team just completed a normal maneuver bearing wide away from the winds. the water was flat, the wind up to 20 knots or 23 miles per hour. >> the boat nose-dived and from that point in that maneuver, the boat ended up, upside-down capsized broken into many pieces. >> reporter: there's no
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information on how fast the team was going. but there's been criticism about how these lighter boats built for speed could be dangerous. >> these boats are fast. we all know that. the sailors had input into the design of these boats. >> reporter: america's cup is conducting his own review but san francisco police will be the lead investigators with assistance by the coast guard. in extreme sports like these maritime law experts say ultimately no one will be to blame. >> someone like these sailors who are well trained and experienced in yacht racing, they are going to be held to a higher standard and knowledge is going to be imposed on them of what is likely to occur. >> reporter: regatta leaders say these sailors not risks. they routinely perform safety drills. >> andrew was the best. top of his game. and that means that they push. they push hard. second is not good enough. they want to win. >> reporter: the future of the america's cup race will depend
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on the results of the investigation. >> nothing sof the table. we need to find out what happened. >> reporter: what he means is nothing is off the table including possible cancellation. but right now, tonight, liz, that's not what they want to do. >> all right. obviously still mourning the death of their friend and teammate there. now, what kind of safety equipment was the artemis crew using? >> reporter: all of the sailing teams have safety harnesses, life vests, even an emergency oxygen tank. but it's not clear right now whether he had them on, whether he had access to them. they don't even really know what happened when he fell into the water. >> all right. thank you. the america's cup yachts that we see racing out there on the bay are designed on computers. and there's no telling how they are going to perform until they hit the water. so as the boats and the race itself go increasingly high- tech, sailing comes with much higher stakes.
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>> these guys are always trying to go faster edgier and so on sort of like the space program of the sailing industry. a lot of trickle down to recreational sailing comes out of the research and development that comes from america's cup. >> reporter: andy knows a little something about sailing. he is the managing editor of latitude 38, the bay area's sailing magazine. this afternoon, we talked about the boats, the race and the sailors who are taking this sport into uncharted waters. a lot of people look at these boats and go why do they have to build them bigger? why do they have to be cutting edge? these are just rich guys spending a lot of money to build a better and faster boat than the other guy. >> right. >> reporter: but you're saying that's really more to it than that? >> part of that is that they are really wanting to make the sport of sailing more appealing to mainstream audiences, get the sport ready for prime time. they have always wanted to make america's cup interesting to nonsailing sports fans. and with these boats, we thought, wow, they finally got
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something sexy enough, edgy enough and really in the realm of extreme sport that people would pay attention. that's part of the driving force behind the designs. and also you new cutting edge materials like carbon fiber. what we saw yesterday was not even one of the super fast boats. it was the b boat. >> reporter: what you know about sailing in your years of experience, if you got the chance to sail on one of those, would you still do it? >> i would love to. i would absolutely love to. it's much like watching a baseball game while you know -- it inspires people but none of us are ever going to be able to go to bat against the upper echelon of the sport. all these guys are the top pros, real, real tragedy. >> andy says the conditions on the bay yesterday were hardly extreme for these boats. in fact, when the racing gets started in july, the winds could very well be stronger and the boats' speeds much faster. you can see the entire america's cup press conference
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from this morning on our website, a great line today from an oakland resident who wondered out loud, are the bad guys more organized than the cops? that's because oakland has its third police chief in as many days. meet the new boss, deputy chief sean whent now in charge. and he replaces another interim chief who only lasted one day. all this following the retirement of howard jordan. our da lin asked, why is there so much turmoil? >> chief of the oakland police department. >> i do. >> congratulations. >> reporter: with a handshake and signature sean whent became the third police chief in three days. mayor quan said anthony toribio returned to being a captain. sean whent was previously a deputy chief. >> i understand that the
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suddenness of these changes may cause some speculation that the challenges that we already have may be exacerbated. but in fact the opposite is true. >> reporter: some city officials tell me all these changes prove the compliance director is running the show. a judge appointed compliance director thomas frazier to oversee reforms at opd. some believe that because toribio was howard jordan's right-hand man, the compliance director wanted someone else to be the interim chief. mayor jean quan repeatedly denied speculation that jordan and toribio were forced out. she says her administration is fully in charge. >> i believe that we have the hiring authority. actually the hiring authority is still with the city. this is sean whent's day am i'm not going to say anything different than i said yesterday. >> reporter: a councilman is disappointed with the instability. he says the mayor is mismanaging the department in a city already plagued with crime. >> my constituents are
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responding negatively. we don't know what we're doing. their comments to me is well, you know, the thugs are more organized than you guys. >> reporter: community leaders like bob jackson shared the same feelings. >> only in oakland. only in oakland will you see things like this, i'm telling you. just shocked, surprised and awe. >> reporter: oakland police officers say they will focus on protecting citizens instead of the distractions. >> wish that the oakland police department is some stability and leadership. >> reporter: the new interim chief is right behind us at this open house event meeting and greeting the public. as for toribio, he spoke very briefly at this morning's press conference saying it was his decision to resign. liz? >> now, da, earlier this week mayor quan said she was going to do a nationwide search for the next police chief. is there any kind of indication that whent is here for the long haulhe essentially a placeholder for the next chief? >> we asked him and he said he
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is not sure if he will seek the permanent position. but in the meantime he is focused on the -- on being the interim chief. the mayor says she will continue on the nationwide search. >> all right. thank you, da. kpix 5's elissa harrington asked former police chiefs about this turmoil in oakland and the issues facing the new top cop. elissa. >> reporter: i talked to former police officers today. they say these changes would bring morale down in a department already struggling with violent crime and not enough officers. it's a tough job the chief of police. two former san francisco chiefs frank jordan and another says the shake-up has some questioning the confidence if the department. >> what does it say about the confidence that the leadership of oakland has in their chief, when they bring in consultants to come up with plans for everybody? >> reporter: they said they wouldn't want the job in oakland the way things are now. jordan was police chief in san
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francisco from 1985 to 191. ribera from '92 to '96. both say the key to success is solid communication with the mayor, politicians and the community. >> public safety is a high priority in any city. you have to have good cooperation, good communications between the mayor and the chief of police. and i'm not sure this was happening over in oakland. >> reporter: so what needs to happen to turn things around? the bratton report recommends a neighborhood policing plan after the department was criticized for spending so little time responding to burglaries and robberies. >> it's a band-aid approach. >> reporter: ribera says the problems go deeper. the department needs more support to get the job done starting with staffing. more officers on the street so they are able to prevent crime not just react to it. also, strengthening communication with the mayor. and talking with people who live in the city of oakland about crime to establish a mutual level of respect. >> just as important is getting the community to work with you. you don't want to be separate from the community. you want to be part of them in
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a partnership. >> reporter: both former chiefs tell me they were not surprised by howard jordan's retirement. they say they would have been out the door the moment the city hired that police consultant. reporting live in the newsroom, elissa harrington, kpix 5. >> thank you. checking bay area headlines, in richmond a man was shot while driving on the richmond parkway around 3:00 this afternoon. police say he was airlifted to a hospital in critical condition. but in a very strange twist, a second person was shot, shot a passenger in the car and took off running. police are following a bloody trail looking for that person. the richmond parkway was closed for a time and since reopened. a deadly caltrain crash in burlingame caused hour long delays during the morning commute. caltrans says a southbound train hit a woman walking across the pedestrian crossing. tracks were closed in both directions. regular service didn't resume until noon.
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an early-morning fire charred parts of an iconic floating restaurant at san francisco's fisherman's wharf. crews put out the blaze at the forbes island restaurant just after 4 a.m. fire officials say only the reception area was affected and that the main dining room is okay. no word on what sparked the fire. eyesores that plague bay area highways for months finally about to be removed but tonight we ask, why is it taking so long to clean it up? >> and how a van ended up in the lobby of a bay area hospital. >> the south bay is awash in friday evening sunshine. i'll tell you what, mount vaca isn't looking bad either. lots of sunshine throughout the bay area. find out how warm we're going to get there weekend and find out which area will not share in the warm weekend weather. >> coming up at 6:30, why lawmakers say your safety is not top priority for the very agency that's supposed to protect you. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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san jose's valley medical cr y this morning. two people are recovering after a minivan crashed into the lobby of san jose's valley medical center early this morning. the driver of that minivan and a hospital worker had to be treated for minor injuries. the driver was arrested for dui. a memorial today to remember the five women who died in saturday's limo fire. family and friends gathered for song and prayer consoling one another. a bride and four members of her bridal party died when their limo burst into flames on the san mateo bridge. two of the survivors did attend today's service. it was held at the philippine consulate. one woman is still recovering at the hospital. the wait is over for san jose's residents who have been asking, when is someone going to do something about all the graffiti on freeway overpasses? kpix 5 reporter mark sayre tells us the time is now. now, mark, tell us about the city as ambitious plan.
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>> reporter: -- tell us about the city's ambitious plan. >> reporter: freeways like 880 give taggers a huge audience and the city knows it has a big problem with freeway graffiti. drive on highway 280 through downtown san jose and you have no doubt seen rip comemy on railroad trestle at bird avenue. it's bigger than any street sign. this graffiti has been here for months. and more than one driver has wondered, why has it never been painted over? are you surprised it's never been cleaned up? >> yeah. but they are doing all the budget cuts. >> somebody has to do something about it. >> reporter: now the city of san jose in conjunction with caltrans and union pacific is launching an ambitious effort to wipe out hard-to-reach graffiti on, over and around freeways throughout the city. the entire project starts monday with this railroad trestle over highway 101 at 13th street. after the evening commute, caltrans will be shutting down
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lanes so crews can paint over the tagging. >> those bridges are really, really prominent. people see those every day as they drive to and from work. we are glad to be able to get that cleaned up now. >> reporter: while the city does have a contractor that responds quickly to neighborhood graffiti, it's a whole different story when it comes to the freeways. the city has no control over tressels which are owned by the railroad and some overpasses which are owned by caltrans. but the city says, it usually gets the blame for the unsightly graffiti. >> but it can be very frustrating when you're a resident. who is responsible for cleaning this up? why aren't they taking care of it? it's not like we don't know it's there. we see it everyday, too. we hear complaints about it. we are trying to get these things off one by one. >> reporter: drivers are happy to learn about the clean-up. >> i think it would be a great idea, right? clean up the city and make it look nicer. >> reporter: now, this work is going to be complex, slow. it all begins monday night.
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the first trestle 101 and 13th, they will take down the rip tommy trestle a couple of weeks later and then move down to 101 and mckee all over the next six weeks. they hope to keep the collaboration going into the future to keep the clean-up cycle going because, you know, sometimes it goes on and goes right back up. you know how it works. >> thank you, mark. paul deanno, we have 8,000 girl scouts, my nieci crossing the golden gate and they hope the fog isn't too bad. >> it will be decent from 9 a.m. to 2:00. 2 will be sunnier. it will be fine. if you are going to be out there congratulations to the girl scouts. welcome. we'll have some nice weather over the weekend the least amount of low cloud cover that we'll see for a while saturday and sunday. highs today widespread, concord 80, livermore, morgan hill
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close. redwood city 72. but that pesky onshore flow kept you in oakland at 64. and san francisco a wind blown 57 degrees this afternoon. overnight tonight low 50s. san francisco 52. fremont 49. concord down to 52 degrees. here's the setup. low clouds offshore, par for the course in may. the real forecast question is do we have that forcing mechanism the onshore flow to get it from here to here? we did today. tomorrow not as much. there will be morning clones especially along lot coastline for that girl scout event coming tomorrow. high pressure is getting stronger and closer to us so it will be warmer with fewer clouds over the weekend. next week, high pressure kind of moves away a little bit. the jet stream flattens out. that will give us an onshore flow. and that will decrease the temperatures and bring back some of that morning cloud cover. so enjoy the warm over the weekend. if you are a fan you have it saturday and sunday. san francisco actually going to be up to 68. look at livermore and san jose. mid-80s about 10 degrees above
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average and it will get warmer on sunday. vallejo tomorrow 82. warmest day mother's day. upper 80s inland. cooling off a degree or two every day. we'll stay comfortable and not much fog especially saturday and sunday. so good news for folks who want to get outside. why not? it's the weekend. >> fabulous weather, great gift for mom. >> i give yo sunshine. but there better be more. >> do something. >> all right. thanks. [ laughter ] from utilities to transit, even san bruno. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, why lawmakers say the agency that's supposed to watch out for you dropped the ball over and over. >> i'm ken condition outside oracl arena. you think the hat is wild? wait until you see what people are paying for tonight's play- off game. that and more coming up right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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warriors go into game-3 aga the spurs in about an hour. we came to represent for the fans, man born i ne moved and cam mobile5 and ken bastida at oracle arena where the warriors will go against the spurs in an hour. >> reporter: a lot of new warriors fans, a lot of people wearing hats like -- i go old school. i go back to '75. you know? al addles, results, berry. he knows what i'm talking about. warriors love playing home games here especially play-off games. they are 7 of 8. and 3-0 this year. game 2 they broke the 30 game losing streak dating back to 1997 understood you will see hats and 20,000 "we are warrior" t-shirts for everybody who comes in tonight.
6:23 pm
that's how they will decorate the arena. a friend from vegas scored tickets. yes, you can still get in. >> we came to represent for the fans. born in oakland. we came back. it's our warriors. >> go warriors. >> reporter: so what did you shell out for tickets? >> we just paid almost $1,000, $960 for three tickets. can't put a price on winning. >> shelled out 320 apiece. going to see the warriors. >> reporter: what does it mean to be in the play-offs? as far as ticket sales and the warriors and business it means a lot. 91% of the season ticketholders have renewed for next season already. that takes the warriors to the top three in the nba. see, you get if the play-offs, you sell a couple of hats, a couple of tickets and everybody loves you. back to you, liz. >> you look like you're trying out to be in a boy band. [ laughter ] >> reporter: well, you know, that may be the next gig i have
6:24 pm
starting tomorrow morning after doing this. [ laughter ] >> it looks good on you. >> reporter: you never know. >> you're a trendsetter. >> reporter: something like that. [ laughter ] >> thanks, kenny. they win, everybody is going to be wearing hats like that. coming up in the next half hour it's funded by your tax dollars and it's in trouble. >> it is probably one of the loudest wake-up calls that the state legislature can give to a state agency. >> why lawmakers are threatening the agency that is supposed to protect consumers. >> hit so hard in the face has to have facial construction and lost hearing in one ear. >> but her granddaughter is finally out of the hospital. the torture she endured during a decade in captivity. >> this bay area girl used to have a dozen food allergies but not anymore. the allergy busting experiment that worked. ,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. with u-verse high speed internet. so she sees her allergist who has a receptionist susan, who sees that she's due for a mammogram. mary has one that day. that's when she finds out she has a tumor. she has a successful surgery and because her health provider has an amazing connected system, she has her life. i don't know what you have but i have kaiser permanente. kaiser permanente. thrive. charged with keeping an eyen utilities and protecting consumers -- and funded by tax dollars --- is in troub >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. now at 6:30, a stated agency charged with keeping an eye on utilities and protecting consumers and funded by your tax dollars is in trouble tonight. state lawmakers say the public utilities commission is simply
6:28 pm
not doing its job. they want the agency to justify every dollar it's been given. as consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, it's part of a clear message to the puc. >> reporter: it's been two years since the pipeline exploded in san bruno. >> the puc hasn't been doing the right things. >> reporter: the public utilities commission is under fire and under a microscope with state lawmakers now moving to reinin the agency in the strongest way they can with a threat to wipe out its entire budget. listen as the puc director is lectured at this hearing. >> outrageous accounting failures and disturbing lack of safety culture raise uncomfortable questions about the confidence of puc management. >> at some level it's to justify your existence. >> reporter: assemblyman richard gordon is among the lawmakers who voted unanimously to require the puc to explain
6:29 pm
exactly how it spends its $1.4 billion annual budget. something known as zero based budgeting. >> it's probably one of the loudest wake-up calls that the state legislature wan give to a state agency. >> reporter: after what are charged as years of favoring the corporations it's supposed to regulate over the consumers it's supposed to protect. under the direction of puc president michael peevey a former utility company executive himself. >> as an institution, they are too cozy with the utilities. the utilities have tremendous access. they're there every day lobbying. >> reporter: consumer advocate mark tony says look at their track record. dropping the ball on pipeline safety, deregulating phone rates sending prices skyrocketing and overturning the cell phone consumer bill of rights to name a few. but you say this whole mess isn't just the responsibility of the cpuc?
6:30 pm
>> this is not just the puc. the legislature has responsibility. i'm happy that they are now waking up. >> reporter: that's because it's the legislature that approves the executives that run the puc and it approves peevey for two six-year terms despite on something from consumer advocates. his current term expires next year. neither peevey for the puc had a comment for our story. >> so short of wiping out the budget and thus the agency, there are other steps they could take that aren't so drastic? >> well, what consumer advocates want is to replace the entire executive board. specifically, the president mr. peevey who they say is responsible and the head of the agency and decides everything. >> so we still have a puc. they just don't have a board. >> new details surrounding the 6-year-old child found in the cleveland home. authorities say was used as a
6:31 pm
so-called private prison. as ines ferre shows you ohio officials are also trying to determine if kidnap suspect ariel castro was involved in other crimes, as well. reporter: ohio's attorney general says dna tests confirm kidnap and rape suspect ariel castro is the father of amanda berry's six-year-old daughter. she and the girl escaped castro's house along with two other women this week. castro's dna has not been linked to other crimes in ohio. but investigators are expanding their search. >> the fbi is now running and will be running a national test to determine whether or not we get any hits nationwide. >> reporter: prosecutors said they may seek the death penalty against castro, who is now being held on $8 million bail and under suicide watch. michelle knight was released from the hospital friday. she told police castro forced her to miscarry several times through beatings and starvation. her grandmother says michelle also has physical injuries in
6:32 pm
addition to emotional scars. >> she was severely beaten. he beat her so badly in the face, she has to have facing reconstruction and lost hearing in one ear. >> reporter: hospital officials say michelle left here in good spirits. she wants the community to know she is extremely grateful for the outpouring of flowers and gifts but she is now asking for privacy. cbs affiliate woio obtained records that show michelle may have faced physical abuse before she was abducted 11 years ago. a man was convicted of child endangerment after breaking her infant son's arm. michelle accused the man of rape but the charges were dropped after she disappeared. michelle's mother thought she ran away from her family and michelle was reportedly removed from the fbi's missing persons database. ines ferre, kpix 5. >> prosecutors say they won't rush to a grand jury because they want to give the victims more time to recover before having to retell their stories. a woman trapped for 17 days in the rubble of a building in
6:33 pm
bangladesh is found alive. she was in the basement of the building where more than 1,000 people died after it collapsed. she told rescuers she was in a cramped prayer room surviving on food and water that ran out two days ago. the illegally modified building housed five garment factories when it fell. a dozen people face criminal charges for that collapse. it was really hard because i didn't go to birthday parties. >> but now her food allergies are vanishing. how a bay area experiment paid off, coming up. >> reporter: hi, i'm roberta gonzales with mobile weather. bicycles, bicycles, bicycles! and we'll take you there as the news continues on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now have more than one. but there's a bay area girl whos done something that no one the rate of food allergies is skyrocketing.
6:36 pm
five million children have more than one. but there's a bay area girl who has done something that no one thought was possible until a peninsula doctor took a chance. sharon chin on the experiment some are calling the allergy buster. >> reporter: any way you slice it, it is war. kim yates grasso fighting to keep her daughter tessa safe from a dozen food allergies. >> you literally walk through life like you're navigating through a mine field. >> reporter: for years, 10 years tessa has suffered severe allergies to food like wheat, eggs, nuts and shellfish spilled milk spelled danger. >> she had milk on her hands and she almost died. >> reporter: tessa's family took no chances. >> it was really hard because i didn't go to birthday parties and have play dates. >> reporter: she lived in fear. >> i went away for a weekend, she ate a single bowl of rice in an entire weekend because she was too afraid to eat without me. >> how are you? >> good to see you. >> reporter: then the menlo park family found hope in dr.
6:37 pm
carry nato at lou seem packard children's hospital. the allergy researcher started clinical trials on 80 patients in 2011. nato's believed to be the first doctor to help people tolerate up to five food allergies all at once. patients eat time any amounts of each allergen in flour or powder form. >> everyone starts with a minuscule amount of the flour. less than 1/1000th of a gram. >> reporter: it's increased until they can tolerate a full serving over a number of years. >> that's good. do it again. >> reporter: because tessa took a drug that suppresses allergic reaction, she completed the trial in only four months. doctors call her the world's first person to be desensitized to several allergens at the same time. >> in general, we are excited that this could potentially be a breakthrough. it needs to be tested further. >> reporter: one in 13 american
6:38 pm
children has food allergies. a third react to more than one food. why? she doesn't know but suspects a genetic and environmental interaction. >> we think that maybe tobacco smoke or pollutants or diet have an effect on people who already have a predisposition for food allergies. >> reporter: tessa must eat a serving of dairy, wheat, egg, peanut and almond every day to maintain her immunity to those foods. for eggs, she mixes powder into ice cream or milk. since completing the clinical trial last year, tessa's tried her first store bought cake and ice cream. the fourth grader still carries her life-saving epinephrine pen in case of emergency. but life feels more relaxed. >> i can just have fun and play with everyone else and not be worried. >> it's an emancipation. you get to go out and liver life. >> reporter: the grasso family hopes nato's research will grant other children the same taste of freedom. sharon chin, kpix 5.
6:39 pm
>> to help pay for the clinical trials, grasso organized a group of parents with children who have severe food allergies. they have raised more than $6 million. i assume you know about the birds and the bees. but coming up, how you can learn about the butterflies. >> talking about onshore flow all week long it's coming and going, going in general but over my shoulder we have fog moving back in through the golden gate and we have a lack of fog in the south bay. good evening to you in san jose. your forecast right through the weekend, all of next week, coming up. i'm vern glenn at oracle arena. game 3 spurs, warriors, a preview coming up in 10 minutes. don't move. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the butterflies? kpix 5's don ford shows us: a beloved exhibit you know about the birds and the bees but what about the butterflies? kpix 5's don ford shows us a beloved exhibit has fluttered back to san francisco's conservatory of flowers complete with a maternity ward. >> reporter: ah, it's
6:43 pm
springtime at the conservatory flowers in golden gate park where the annual butterfly exhibit is now open. >> can see the wing pattern. >> reporter: they fly all around you in the room. the curator says butterflies are great pollinators. >> one of the few pollinators you can really fill a room with and invite the public into are butterflies. filling a room with bees and bats wouldn't have the same appeal. >> reporter: nope. probably not. but this exhibit features north american butterflies like this buckeye or this great southern white resting for a moment and, of course, the legendary monarch. >> it's beautiful! >> reporter: hodges isn't just your ordinary curator. she has special training. [ indiscernible ] somebody who studies butterflies and moths. >> oh. i knew that. >> butterfly and moth professional. >> reporter: as a professional she says they smell with their feet. >> really cool. they fly around, they land on a
6:44 pm
flower. and they can tell with their tastebuds with their feet if it's a flower that they would want to drink nectar from. >> reporter: this is the butterfly bungalow. you can watch over a dozen different species transforming from caterpillars to butterflies. rosa ramirez is visiting from san antonio. >> they look so beautiful. >> reporter: the existent also highlights special flowers and blossoms that are beneficial to the butterflies. and each week more than 400 are added. the exhibit of north american butterflies will be here for quite a while, until october 20. so you have plenty of time to come down and check them out. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. they tickle. [ laughter ] >> i think it's impossible to have a bad day at the butterfly exhibit. >> that's so cool. >> and indoors which helps. don't worry about onshore flow there. >> great day for the park this weekend. >> it's going to be so nice to get out. a lot of moms will say let's go to the city. a lot of you live in the city
6:45 pm
you work in the city. maybe mom hasn't been -- maybe take her to san francisco this weekend or her favorite restaurant. outside tonight that's mount vaca. maybe take her to the mountains. it will be gorgeous toward clearlake berryessa, tahoe. all is good weather-wise saturday and sunday. temperatures though really haven't climbed yet. concord mid-70s, livermore 70 you got there. but look at oakland. 60. san jose only 64 with sunshine in santa rosa 67. there will be a big time increase in temperature tomorrow. nothing on the radar right now. but chopper 5 was up earlier today and kind of a cool shot over the crystal springs reservoir. you can see the inner moststance of the onshore flow. it is a literally line in the sand. isn't mother nature cool what she does around here who gets the clouds and who doesn't? great shot today showing you the have and have knots with low cloud cover. microclimate forecast for the weekend you will have sunshine but not low cloud cover in
6:46 pm
livermore. beautiful weekend warm weekend. 85 on saturday, 87 for mother's day. warm for mom coming up on sunday. you just saw that line where the clouds are and where they aren't and it pushes inland during the day and migrates back out to the west. will it have that push over the weekend? the answer is not as much. the onshore flow will be lighter and we look at that based on where high pressure is and close it and how strong. its going to get closer and stronger. the onshore flow won't be as strong. we won't have as much cloud cover allowing more sun an warmth. next week different story. high pressure pushes down to the south. lower pressure developing to the north. a difference between the two cranks up the onshore flow. so we'll get more clouds next week. but i don't see any rainfall. the rain will likely stay in oregon and western washington but not for us. no rainfall, but it will be cooler next week. but let's talk about the weekend. it's all about mom, isn't it? sunny inland, morning clouds at the coast but the warmest day over the weekend will be sunday. both weekend days will be very pleasant to get outside. oakland tomorrow your high 74. so about 10 degrees better than
6:47 pm
today. concord you'll get to the mid- 80s. san jose low to mid-80s. union city 79. light jacket in pacifica 64 degrees. 85 degrees walnut creek. brentwood 86. pleasanton 85. santa rosa your high tomorrow 82. sunshine in sausalito but cooler near the water. your high tomorrow only 69 degrees. flowers on the extended forecast for mom. go out and get 'em. florists will be busy tomorrow. 80s inland, 40s near the bay for sunday then we begin to cool off back down to normal around 80 inland. and right around the low 70s near the bay for much of next week with morning cloud cover returning. the best weather over the weekend will be on sunda if you like the heat. mobile weather out at a bike party in pleasanton. [ applause and cheers ]
6:48 pm
>> whoo! what an introduction there! >> reporter: gina is here with me in pleasanton where currently it is 73 degrees. first night no wind. lots of clear skies. great night for pleasanton's first bike ride. tell me about it. >> it's bike party pleasanton. if you have ever seen the bike party in san jose or sacramento, it's like a critical mass for family members. that's what's really important. somebody asked me earlier today why are all these cyclists gathering in here in pleasanton? are they trying to go send a message to the motorists? no. right? >> we are here just to gather a sense of community because we enjoy biking and just cruise through town for ten miles. >> reporter: ten miles. now, one thing that's really important at this particular time, we don't know how many people we'll have, 20 or 220. >> san jose started with 20 and now they have 2,000 to 4,000 riders every other friday night. so one day will be that big. so how often is this going to occur? >> once a month on the second
6:49 pm
friday of the month. >> tell people at home how they can get involved. where are we located? >> we are at the corner of bali and hopyard at the tennis park in pleasanton. >> it's a 10-mile ride. as you can see, we have anywhere from 3 years old all the way to 74 years old out here this evening. it is definitely a family affair. after the 10 miles, what kind of festivities do we have going on? >> we have food trucks, those gourmet food trucks. some in the middle so we can eat a lot. if you are heading out here 73 degrees, still in the low 70s tonight lots of sunshine in pleasanton. for the next ten miles also upper 60s, low 70s. we hope to see you here. i'm going along with you guys. can i rid with you? >> whoo! >> reporter: for mobile weather, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. have a good right. we'll be right back.
6:50 pm
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thanks allen... we're at ore vern glenn with tonight's sports report live from oracle arena tonight. >> reporter: yes, and the adventure continues. western conference semis game 3 here at what's going to be warcle arena as 19,000 look jam- packed. we are a half hour away from tip-off. this series with the spurs is
6:53 pm
tied at one in large part as to what happened in game 2. that is the red-hot shooting of klay thompson. this man just went off in game 2. he scored 34 points in 47 minutes. an astounding 8 for 9 from beyond the arc. 14 rebounds. a mature klay thompson in his second year of nba service talking as if he's been here before [ indiscernible ] in the series and gives us a lot of confidence especially coming into oracle tomorrow. you know, we are playing in front of the best crowd in the nba. you know, we're in the driver's seat and we control our destiny. he feel like this is our time putting in so much -- i feel look this is our time, putting in so much time and paying off. >> reporter: we heard klay thompson talking about the team's confidence. harris barnes joins us.
6:54 pm
you're playing like veterans against the spurs team. >> we are feeling good. our confidence stems from coach jackson who believes in us from day one. we are playing at a high level now. >> reporter: is this the new normal to go straight up against these guys until the last couple minutes? >> we played them competitively during the season and we are feeding off that confidence. the coach has done a great job with us. >> reporter: what are you expecting from the spurs tonight? >> they are going to come out aggressive and physical. down the stretch we know for us it's not making sure we don't turn the ball over. >> you're driving the audience crazy in those last couple of minutes. i can only imagine what it's like to be like on the floor. >> game one slipped away but game two we held on. hopefully we can take care of business in game 3. >> reporter: the last time you won in san antonio, steph curry was 8. you were almost 5. take a wild guess who was leading
6:55 pm
the league in assists that year. >> mark jackson? >> mark jackson your head coach! very good, north carolina tar heel education for that guy. give us a barometer on the mood of that locker room right now pre-game. >> we're feeling good. we are still having fun. we're -- no one is tight or tense for the game. so i think we are in a good place. >> all right. if you have watched the warriors all season you're probably not too surprised how well steph curry is playing in the play-offs. but now the rest of the country and nba is taking notice at how great curry really is. in fact, metta world peace is a fan. just one problem. the guy doesn't know his name. he tweeted that steve curry is a top 10 player in the nba. curry handled it the same way he has always done with opposing teams in the play-
6:56 pm
offs. >> steve curry? [ laughter ] >> i play that guy like, what, 12 times already in my career? i thinkish know my name now. that was just funny. >> all right. now, despite the first two games the warriors had had the lead for 95 of get this i want to get this right 95 of the 104 quality minutes that they have played. so the warriors really -- it could be up two games to nothing for this one. steph curry they are just been wild from beyond the arc and i tell you what, the force of steph curry and the rest of the warriors just too much to handle despite all that veteran leadership. san antonio is not ready to concede. in fact, they are not worried about it at all. >> you can't come back from an 18 point deficit. it can be a trend. so down 20 they are going to
6:57 pm
win? hopefully we do things better. we don't get a deficit like that. and we keep the game close. >> reporter: from that to a little pga golf for you. this would be the players championship an out of this one, tiger woods shimmied right on up. he is one shot off the lead. this is down in florida. you saw that shot of the day though. tiger woods though in contention. he is at 10 under par, one behind sergio garcia. should be a fantastic weekend in florida. the story is what will happen at oracle arena. back to you. >> good fight. captions by: caption colorado ,,,,
6:58 pm
look at them kids. [ sigh ]
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